St. Ann’s Senior Citizen’s Village, Saskatoon


In 1953, Bishop Klein invited the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth from Humboldt to operate the first St. Ann’s Home at 403 Clarence Avenue. In 1956, the Bishop launched a campaign to build a new home for 70 residents and in 1957, St. Ann’s Home opened on Alberta Avenue. Further additions were made in 1966. In 1977, in response to the changing needs of seniors, plans were put in place for construction of the current St. Ann’s Home, along with independent seniors’ apartments. The new home opened in February 1979 at its present location at 2910 Louise Street. St. Ann’s Residence, consisting of 60 apartments for seniors living independently, opened adjacent to the home in April of 1979. In 2002, a renovation to expand the home was undertaken to make further improvements to the home that would best meet the needs of the residents. In 1988, St. Ann’s expanded the Village on Louise Street to open St. Ann’s Place, comprising a further 60 apartments of enriched housing for seniors requiring support to continue to live independently.



St. Ann’s Senior Citizens’ Village Corporation, Saskatoon

Executive Director: Mr. Rae Sveinbjornson
2910 Louse Street, Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L8
Telephone: (306) 374-8900 Fax: (306) 477-2623


Established: 1953 (Home) 1979 (Residence) 1988 (Place)
Accredited: Yes
Hospital Type: Long Term Care, Senior Housing & Senior Enriched Housing
Beds: 80 Long Term Care Beds; 60 Apartments Senior Housing; 60 Apartments Senior Enriched Housing
Number of Administrative Staff: 6
Total Number of Staff: 135
Total Number of Support Staff: 3
Number of Volunteers: ~250