St. Joseph’s Hospital / Foyer D’Youville, Gravelbourg


January 1927 marked the beginning of what was to become St. Joseph’s Hospital in Gravelbourg, when a committee was established on the request of Doctor Francis Martial Lavoie to plan the hospital.

On July 26th of the same year, two Grey Nuns, Sisters Dupuis and Ducette, arrived from Montreal to choose a site for the hospital and to supervise the work of the construction. The hospital with its 42 beds was officially opened on April 28, 1928.

In 1942, a unit of the hospital was reserved for the aged. This was the beginning of the home for the elderly. Although in 1948 efforts were made to provide such a home, it was not until October 4, 1961 that Foyer d’Youville came into being.

Today, the modern St. Joseph’s Hospital/Foyer d’Youville is a fully accredited integrated facility which serves the people of Gravelbourg and surrounding areas.



St. Joseph’s Hospital / Foyer d’Youville, Gravelbourg

Désiréee Brisbois – Executive Director
Box 810, Gravelbourg, SK S0H 1X0
Telephone: (306) 648-3185 Fax: (306) 648-3440


Established: 1928 (Hospital, 1961 (Foyer)
Accredited: Yes
Hospital Type: Acute Care, Long Term Care
Beds: Acute Care – 9, Long Term Care – 50
Admissions Per Year: 591
Average Length of Stay: 4 days
Number of Administrative Staff: 3
Total Number of Staff: 110
Number of Doctors on Staff: 3
Number of Volunteers: 102