Santa Maria Senior Citizens’ Home, Regina


In the early 60’s the Archdiocese of Regina recognized the need for facilities providing Long Term Care to senior citizens in the South Eastern part of the province. To answer this need they approached the Knights of Columbus in Regina to create a partnership and build a facility that would offer comprehensive services of care to future residents. In the summer of 1968, Santa Maria Senior Citizens’ Home opened its door and the first residents began to move in.

The ownership and operation of Santa Maria was entrusted to The Sisters of St. Joseph of Pembroke by Archbishop M.C. O’Neill and the Knights of Columbus. Under the leadership of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Santa Maria came to be known truly as a ‘Home’ that offered excellent care and one of the most sought-after residences for seniors in Regina. The Sisters remained in leadership until 1986 when they transferred the title of ownership to the Archdiocese of Regina.

On Nov. 19th, 2012 The Archdiocese of Regina transferred its ownership, sponsorship and governance of Santa Maria Senior Citizens’ Home to Emmanuel Care.



Santa Maria Senior Citizens’ Home, Regina

Executive Director: Kelly Chessie
4215 Regina Avenue, Regina, SK S4S 0J5
Telephone (639) 625-7094 Fax: (639) 625-7115


Established: 1968
Accredited: No
Hospital Type: Long Term Care
Beds: 147 Continuing Care Beds
Number of Administrative Staff: 6
Total Number of Care Staff: 160
Total Number of Support Staff: 81
Number of Volunteers: 85