St. Anthony’s Hospital, Esterhazy


In 1940, the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Peterborough, Ontario together with the community opened St. Anthony’s Hospital in Esterhazy. The town people were grateful to Mr. and Mrs. James Martinovsky and Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Schafer for the donation of land for the hospital site.

In 1964 a new facility was constructed to replace the old hospital, and was officially open in June 1966. This new facility had 36 acute beds, service by 7 Sisters, 35 staff members and 4 doctors.

In 1989 the Grey Sisters of Pembroke turned over the ownership of St. Anthony’s hospital to the Grey Nuns of Manitoba. Ten years later in the year 2000 the Grey Nuns transferred St. Anthony’s to Emmanuel Care. In 2000, Community Services which includes Public Health and Physiotherapy moved into an occupied section of the hospital. Home Care took over another area in 2001. Since September 2005, Ambulance Services are housed and operated out of St. Anthony’s hospital. In 2006 a new medical clinic was built next to the hospital. With the exception of the Centennial Special Care Home, all Esterhazy Healthcare services are located at St. Anthony’s Hospital.



St. Anthony’s Hospital, Esterhazy

Administrator: Ms. Daniela Fiske
216 Ancona Street, Box 280, Esterhazy, SK S0A 0X0
Telephone: (306)745-3973 – Fax: (306)745-3245


Established: 1940
Accredited: Yes
Hospital Type: Acute Care
Beds: 20
Admissions Per Year: 670
Average Length of Stay: 6.8 days
Number of Administrative Staff: 3
Total Number of Staff: 64
Number of Doctors on Staff: 4
Number of Volunteers: 8